Culture So Close You Can Feel It

Welcome to Missoula, MT

Missoula is bursting with talent and cultures from all over the country and world.
From symphonies to rock climbing, the culture and atmosphere is unlike any other city.

A River Runs Through It

Montana is praised for its big sky, clear rivers and way of life, with the outdoors being central to it all. Float your way down the Clark Fork River, almost to your doorstep. Hook a fish while waving to your neighbors. Hit the slopes at Snowbowl, just a 20-minute drive from home. Watch the river surfers at Brennan’s Wave or try it out for yourself! Take the fun to the mountain trails with your tail-wagging best friend.

Location is Everything

Stroll down the Riverfront Trail to downtown in just 10 minutes to find local produce and artisan breads at the Clark Fork Market. Taste the good life at nearby gastropubs, gourmet pizza shops and microbreweries. Indulge in the favorite local homemade ice cream, huckleberry being the hands-down crowd pleaser here in Montana.

So Close You Can Taste It

Tantalizing smells from locally grown ingredients waft from Dog & Bicycle Bakery Café, luring you through their doors before you reach your own front door. Sawmill Grille will soon be adding its own signature dishes to the neighborhood menu. These eateries are at the heart of the neighborhood and provide the perfect spot for neighborhood get-togethers with friends or more formal business lunches.

culture under the big sky

Expressing itself in every form of art, Missoula is loaded with personality and talent. Painted murals breathe life into brick walls. First Friday Art Walk offers an enjoyable night out as you stroll through the quirky and traditional galleries, with the sound of street artists accompanying you. Attend one of the many superior concerts at the historic Wilma Theater or the new KettleHouse Amphitheater. And the Missoula Symphony always ensures a memorable musical experience, with elegance and cultural enrichment in every note.